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Wild Dog Productions has been producing commercials, corporates, and long form wildlife, historical and social documentaries for twenty years.

Our broadcast clients include National Geographic Channel, Discovery/Animal Planet, Sky, KykNet, M-Net, NHK, and many other broadcasters worldwide. We have won seven international awards for our long-form productions.


Black, White and Khaki:

 Episode 1 –  Magersfontein                  


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Episode 2 –  Talana 


Episode 3 – Spionkop


  Afrikaans Version

National Parks Of South Africa Series:

Addo –  25 minutes                                  

Golden Gate –  25 minutes

Kgalagadi – 25 minutes

Kruger 1 - 25 minutes

Kruger 2 - 25 minutes

Kruger 3 - 25 minutes

Kruger 4 - 25 minutes

Madikwe - 25 minutes (HD and SD)                   

Marakele - 25 minutes (HD and SD)                  

Mountain Zebra – 25 minutes

Pilanesberg -  25 minutes (HD and SD)                           

Karoo – 25 minutes

Tsitsikamma  -25 minutes

Weskus – 25 minutes


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The Wild Bunch Series:

Ep 1 - Lions

Ep 2 - Every Elephant counts

Ep 3 - Griffons

Ep 4 - Wild dogs and Pangolins

Ep 5 - Discovering a new species (Leopards and Goats)

Ep 6 - Rare Bird, Crocodile and Hippos

Ep 7 - The Bringers of Thunder (Groundhornbills)

Ep 8 - Spud, MJ and Bushbabies

Ep 9 - Africa's real Vampires (Oxpeckers and Seals)

Ep 10 - Hyaena, Sable and Tiger

Ep 11 - Dragons in the grass (Grasslands)

Ep 12 - Barcoding Wildlife for the Future

Ep 13 - Rhinos and Hot Cats


The Wild Bunch

Long form and a selection of awards:

Time of the Elephants – (52 minutes) SD


As seen on National Geographic

This is the story of Kruger's elephants, including the mighty tuskers, as aired on National Geographic, and winner of a Merit Award at the International Wildlife Film Festival for Best Contribution to Conservation.

(Winner: Merit Award for Best Contribution to Conservation, IWFF Film Festival USA.)

Story of the Sands –  (52 minutes) SD 


As seen on National Geographic

This movie tells of two lion prides. One pride meets a terrible fate while one goes from strength to strength. The film shows why, against a canvas of South Africa's wild beauty. 

(Winner: Merit Award Best Presentation of  Behaviour, IWFF Film Festival, USA.)

Double Pack: Wild Dogs and Wolves  – (50 minutes) SD


As seen on Animal Planet USA

The unique story of a wild dog family in Madikwe, South Africa, and a wolf family in America's Yellowstone National Park. 

The lives of the two families, and their trials and triumphs, are compared across two vast continents.

Aired on Animal Planet USA, and Winner of the Best Documentary Score and Soundtrack at the American Music Producer’s Association Awards.

(Winner: Best Wildlife Documentary Soundtrack: US Music Rights Association. ASCAP.)

Wild Dogs – Africa’s Painted Predators – (52 minutes) SD


As seen on Discovery

The story of Kruger's wild dog packs, and their unique hunting methods. This film was aired on Discovery Europe, and won Best Wildlife Film at the IUCN Wildlife Congress.

(Winner: Best Wildlife Film. Chairman of the Jury Prize, IUCN International World Wildlife Congress)

Chobe – Lifeblood of the Sands – (52 minutes) SD

As seen on National Geographic

As seen on National Geographic

As seen recently on National Geographic's 'Caught in the Act' slot, this film features the now famous footage of the lion and mongoose encounter on the Chobe river floodplain - and the unexpected outcome!

Wild Dog Wilderness  – 52 minutes

(Wild Dog Wilderness -. Winner: Merit Award for Best Educational Content IWFF Film Festival,USA.)

Hunt or Die – 48 minutes

(Hunt or Die - . Winner: Director's Award, Verona Film Festival, Italy.)

Other Movies:

CPR Saves Children 25 minutes

Colla’s Namaqualand – 26 minutes

Dancing with Strangers – 26 minutes

City Zoo (The Zoo That’s Saving the World) 13 x 24 minutes

Madikwe: Recapturing The Wild  50 minutes

Wild Dogs: Painted Wolves – 26 minutes

Africa on Ice – 52 minutes

Marakele: Bringing Africa Back  50 minutes
Let The Rivers Run – 52 minutes

Hot Kidz – 12 x 12 min series

Kgalagadi: Beyond Borders 50  minutes

Kruger: Place of Peace  –  6 x 25 minutes

Kruger Dawn to Dusk 50 minutes

Kruger People 26 minutes