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The Wild Bunch - Saving Species with Smart Science 13 part series 

A lot of people think nothing can be done to halt the decline of the beautiful and often endangered species this Earth nurtures.
But a group of scientists and conservationists are using their smarts and their technology to find new ways to save species - they are The Wild Bunch - real conservation heroes who often put their lives on the line 
to protect and

conserve wildlife species throughout Africa, and the world. 

Join them as they take action and help to save elephants, cheetahs, lions, leopards, birds of prey, waterbirds, reptiles, and many other rare and endangered species, and chalk up many world firsts for conservation. View all on Vimeo  

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Double Pack -Wild dogs and Wolfs



This film tells the story of two families on two continents. A wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park, USA, and a wild dog pack (Cape hunting dog) in Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.
We follow the adventures, challenges and adversities of the two packs across the world from each other, and trace their ancient histories and bonds, exploring why they each

chose such different habitats.

The story is set against a vast backdrop of the splendid Rocky Mountains throughout their seasons, and the wide spread of African savannah and bushveld. Winner of Best Documentary Score at the North American Music Producer's Association Awards.

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Chobe - Life Blood of the Sands

One river runs through Africa's heart of sand - the giant Kalahari wilderness. One river unites five nations as it flows into the Zambezi, the Chobe.

Witness the great beauty and diversity the river brings as it flows through the arid sands and discover some of its secrets.

As seen recently on National Geographic's 'Caught in the Act' slot, this film features the now famous footage of the lion and mongoose encounter on the Chobe river floodplain - and the unexpected outcome!


Story of the Sands

This story follows two prides of lions through South Africa’s vast Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The story of the two prides unfolds in over four million hectares of beautiful, but arid Kalahari. One pride is doomed, while the other pride goes from strength to strength.

What turns of misfortune and fate combined to create such contrasting futures for the two

prides? We also follow a scientist’s journey through the Park, attempting, with the assistance of skilled San trackers, to accurately determine the lion population in the huge region.

The Story of the Sands reveals many of the factors that affect depleted lion populations in Africa, from poaching and stock farmer shootings, to hunting. It also views the positive roles of monitoring and collaring lions, and brings us closer to an understanding of just how tough it is to be a lion.

Created by award-winning South African filmmaker, Robert Waldron.

Story Of The Sands: Winner - Merit Award for Best Contribution to Environmental Education at the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF) in the USA.